Ultherapy Results*

Ultherapy is a safe, proven technique for lifting and firming skin. It is the only FDA approved technique for this, and is best used on the more delicate areas of skin such as the face, brow, chin, neck, and upper chest. In each area, it stimulates the skin to become more taut and reduce sag.

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  • Undesired lax skin under the chin can be brought up and made tight again.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be smoother and the smallest ones can fade completely.
  • Sagging brows can obscure some of your eye, giving a more weathered appearance. Ultherapy can give you a brighter look to your eyes.
  • Tightening up the skin on the neck can help smooth out your profile, and lift an unwanted excess skin from your neck.
  • Your upper chest can also be tightened, removing the fine lines and fading the wrinkles there.

Before and After stories

*DISCLAIMER: These results may vary depending on the patient's health history. While some of our patients had great results, results are not the same for everyone.